dialogue between jazz music and contemporary dance...


 Experiencing the relationship between contemporary dance and jazz music as a game, building one common language adopting the same composition structures, giving away a visual and audible aesthetic accessible to everyone as well as offering different readings… Such is one of the work’s axis of Juliette Louste Company.
 Developed at first by a dancer and a pianist, the research spreads step by step to other instruments, other bodies, different spaces, very openly and freely.
 Jazz music is drawn visually, in a new improvising space, each dancer vibrates like an instrument, and each instrument incarnates a body in movement, all for our senses and poetic imagination’s delight.
 Done largely on improvisation techniques, this dance-music dialogue addresses all audiences and places in a very flexible and adaptable way. 

365 thèmes et 52 variations  -  duo Games
Doble Quartet
Improvising Landscapes...
Vertebrats - David Mengual Free Spirits Big Band
...shared improvisations...